Let’s fix the biggest lie in the world - “I have read and agree to the Terms”.

We won't bore you down with endless text, filled with jargon that we barely understand related to your privacy, and data collections. Page Updated - 31st December 2020

We make use of Google Analytics for tracking internet traffic received on our specific webpage's for performance.

Google analytics helps us identify the following -

  • Which country my vistors are from ( Doesn't reveal your home address. some examples being, India, United States, United Kingdom)
  • Which page is the most popular from our site
  • Your IP Address like - or 2001:0002:14:5:1:2:bf35:2610 - More about IP Address
  • Which device are you using to visit our site from, not always accurate some examples being, Chrome Browser - Windows 10, Firefox - MacOS

They are not edible at least not right now they just an internet jargon for some code that we store on your computer.

They helps us store your preferences like do you like dark theme or do you want us to keep showing that non obstuctive popup on the right corner and stuffs like that.

You can clear by simple pressing ctrl + shift + R on chrome and equivalent on other devices or visit here to learn more

We do not collect any personal like username, password,etc. since we dont have a authentication feature on our site.

You don't process what you don't collect right ?

The closest we have came to collecting user data is from email address that you might used for contacting us or signed up for our blog updates, phone number used to contact us via whatsapp.

Also, just like anyone else we hate spam mails, your emails are safe with us.

Trivia - 91% of people just tick "I have read and agree to the Terms" button on the internet without reading what's in it. Source - A quick google search

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