What is this SEO all about ?

You must have heard this term SEO or Search Engine Optimization a lot, from digital marketers or your web developer.

Let us simplify this a bit.
Search engine optimization is a technique that helps your site rank better in search results.

These days almost all businesses have a website. it becomes harder for google or bing to show you a correct search result for any search.

Hence, they keep on tweaking their algorithm in show us better results.

How do i put in place SEO for my site ?

To appear on the front page of google search results takes a lot of efforts. not to mention its a active process since, search engine keeps on tweaking their rules.

Successful branding is when people remember your brand and dont have to google it.

There are various methods to optimize your site for SEO.

  • On page
  • Off Page
  • Technical SEO

On Page refers to optimization in your site source code or structure.

Like using alt tags for images, image optimization. Proper use of H tag, meta tags & title tags. Optimizing site content and link optimization.

Anything that links or point viewers towards your site. some examples are -

A guest post on someone else blog that links your site. A mention of your site on a popular podcast. Links on social media post like instagram, facebook, etc

This seo refers to your performance optimization of your site. like the site load speed itself. Site url structure hreflangs and things like that

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