What is branding ? it's just a logo right?

The term logo and brand are almost used inter changeably from time to time. Here is what separate the them out.

While a logo refer to small symbol or design used to identify a company or group.

A brand refers to the logo, the color scheme adopted, the font pairing. The color that the company / group associate them with.

Some examples being twitter begin popular for using a bird logo. Facebook using an intial wordmark as a logo. The half eaten Apple and the list goes on. These company always associate themselves with their respective brand guidelines. which helps us identify them with ease.

This is were we come into play.

We understand what your business does, who your target audience. And make use of color theory to select a color scheme that goes well with your business.

Successful branding is when people remember your brand and dont have to google it.

We plan out iterate with different logo designs prototype until we achieve a wow factor.

We work out with font pairs that goes well with color scheme and the brand itself.

We create a specific set of style / brand guidelines, which helps stay consistent.

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